Concordia Oslo was founded in Oslo on 9 February 2014 as a non-profit association. Concordia means solidarity, unity, harmony and agreement, and the object of the association is to help to promote exactly this through different kinds of cultural work. By culture we understand music, literature, visual arts, dance and theatre, as well as architecture, language, food culture, history and traditions. The association wishes to be an arena where culture is performed and enjoyed. We strongly believe that practicing and enjoying culture together can forge strong bonds between people and thereby foster curiosity, understanding and knowledge, inclusion and integration. Concordia Oslo will seek to collaborate with other associations and organizations that have the same objectives, both nationally and internationally. The association’s intention is to arrange and participate in concerts, performances, exhibitions, lectures, seminars, teaching, workshops, consultation services, festivals etc., either alone or together with others.
   Concordia Oslo shall be politically neutral and non-denominational.

Phone: +49 917 50 106