“A Chance for the future” NGO
“A Chance for the future” is a Romanian NGO, founded in 2008 recognized as public utility in 2012, that aims to promote, protect and monitor human rights (civil rights, administration of justice, privacy, minority rights, gender equality, access to education etc.), by organizing events (conferences, congresses, seminars, dialogues, events, exhibitions, happenings etc.) with domestic and international participation on issues of civic, cultural and scientific cooperation. Most of our work is done in collaboration with other foundations, associations and institutions in the country or abroad.


To achieve the stated purpose, the NGO aims to:
– implement projects and campaigns for civic education, social assistance, training, European integration;
– promote Romanian history and culture in the consciousness of new generations;
– organize events (symposiums, conferences, congresses, seminars, dialogues, events, exhibitions) with domestic and international participation.
– organize trainings, programs and internships for youth regarding public administration, political science, management and other areas of public interest;
– organize workshops, study visits in order to offer a better understanding of the experiences of the countries with a long democratic tradition;
– develop the dialogue between youth organizations and other civil society actors in Romania and other countries;
– develop and publish information and promotional materials (studies, reports, magazines, brochures, flyers, posters etc.) in order to inform the public regarding the mechanisms of democratic rights and fundamental freedoms, the need to protect the environment and other aspects related to the purposes of the NGO;
– promote and advice the Romanian private entrepreneurs and encouraging their relations with foreign investors;
– promote and monitor the observance of human rights.
– organize charitable activities;
– collaborate with other foundations, associations and public or private institutions in Romania and abroad in order to achieve joint action.
To achieve its objectives, the Association will work with other NGOs, public or private institutions, governmental organizations in Romania and other countries and international organizations.

Contact us:
E-mail: teatru@ospv.ro
Phone: +40 729 806 313
Address: 104, Mihail Sebastian Street,  V89 Flat, ap. 68
Romania, Bucharest, District 5