The cultural project “Theatre Dialog Box” started as a response to the desire to improve access to culture and to increase cultural consumption among young people, promoting tradition, multiculturalism and equality. The biggest problem that we have identified concerns the limits of the school curriculum in facilitating the dialogue between students and the Romanian culture or cultures of other societies. The solution we propose is unlocking this dialogue by developing complementary extracurricular activities that allow students to make contact with the performing arts, customs and traditions of minorities and overcome barriers of communication in order to understand and compare the complex realities of life in eight national regions and two locations in Oslo, Norway.

Over the course of 12 months, „A Chance for the Future” NGO, together with our partner “Concordia Oslo” NGO will conduct a caravan in which 28 students from Bucharest will be trained to stage a forum theatre play, that they will conceive and that will address cultural, historical minorities and respect for equal opportunities to culture.

The Forum theatre play will be played in 10 schools, eight form Romania and two from Norway. To enhance the cultural experience, we will organize in each of the ten locations a fair of Romanian traditions and customs of the national minorities that will last one day.

Thus, the 28 participants will also attend pottery and history of minorities classes so that, in turn, can support 10-15 minute presentations during the fair that will take place in schools.