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Our first press conference

by Teatru.OSPV

Today took place the first press conference of our project. The followers took the floor: Alexandra Bogdan – President of „A Chance for the Future” NGO, Project Manager Caezar Zavate – President of „Concordia Oslo”  NGO, Project Assistant Emil Pantelimon –  Communication Director, Comic Opera for Children Master Cristian Mihăilescu – Coordinator of the forum-theatre […]

Special thanks, Luminiţa Anghel!

by Teatru.OSPV

On Monday we had a pleasant surprise at the forum-theatre courses. We received with great interest the visit of Mrs. Luminiţa Anghel, whom we thank very much for joining our project. The young actors, as we like to call them, were pleased with the advice they received, especially since they heard the story of a […]

The March full of Theatre

by Teatru.OSPV

 The forum-theatre courses could not be more interesting and funny. It’s really exciting to see a handful of students of ages between 15 and 17, as they overcome their limits and imagination, writing a play entirely. Each day new ideas come out and the show is beginning to look like a real play. We are […]


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