• Alexandra – Project Manager


E-mail: alexandra.bogdan@ospv.ro

   Alexandra has a BA in International Relations and European Studies and currently is studying Local and Regional Development, Economic and Social Policy. She followed specialization courses in management, training of trainers and entrepreneurship.
She has an extensive experience in project management. She is undertaking activities of this kind since 2008. She is very involved in developing the NGO sector. She worked as a volunteer in several organizations during 2005-2010.
Alexandra was involved in all projects undertaken by “A chance for the future” NGO since 2008, and now she is the NGO’s President.
Motto: Sayings like „who hasn`t elders should buy some” are now lost trough the online search engines ranks. So, here we are, forgetting to dialogue because of our desire to keep up with the future and denying our past and our present. However, we are defined by the past that we forget because we all are the accumulation of our experiences and of our predecessors.


  • Silvia – Project Assistant Romania


E-mail: teatru@ospv.ro

   Silvia supports and promotes volunteerism. She was involved in humanitarian activities, as a Red Cross volunteer in Bucharest in 2008-2009.
She has a wide range of concerns. An example of his desire to learn many new things from many areas of activity, is that she obtained the fourth place at the Informatics Contest in 2009 held in Suceava.
Silvia has a rich experience in the implementation of the cultural projects. since 2010 She has been involved in many activities of “A chance for the future” NGO.
She holds a BA in Political Science and is currently running for a MA in International Relations and Communication. She was a member of the Committee for evaluation and quality assurance of the Faculty of Political Sciences at the „Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University in 2011-2013.
Motto: From my point of view, the Norwegian model viewed from several perspectives can be an inspirational one. I believe that the principles that guide the Norwegian society can be best practice models for the public institutions and also for the organized civil society in Romania. Norway is the best proof that the optimism, the pragmatism and the patience is a recipe for success recipe.


  • Cezar – Project Assistant Norway


E-mail: zavatec20@yahoo.com

   Cezar is Romanian, but he is living in Norway, for more than 13 years. He is guitar teacher and vocal-instrumental instructor at the Music School in Oslo. He has a rich experience in the cultural and artistic field. He finished the classes at the University of Agder – The Music Conservatory in Kristiansand – rhythm guitar section. He also has a MA in pedagogy at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.
Cezar has a close collaboration with the Romanian Embassy in Norway and he has been involved in many activities and events organized by the Embassy.
Cezar developed many partnerships between NGO’s from Romania and Norway, in the framework of the EEA Grants.
He is also working in the area of social inclusion through the project „Lørdagsarrangement” (The Saturday’s Settlement) that is taken place at Sinsen Kulturhus in Oslo. This project aim is to offer music classes for students who face economic or social difficulties.
Cezar is the President of the „Concordia Oslo” NGO which he founded in early 2014, along with Ms. Anne-Kristine Kronborg, PhD in architectural history.
Motto:I’ve taken form Romania many values. I arrived in Norway, in a different culture and I tried to learn the best of it. I wanted to return one day all my gratitude to the country where I grew up and which gave me those unique values that I have not found anywhere else. For me is a privilege that I can pick the best things of the two different cultures. I’m glad that through these projects I have the opportunity to bring elements of the Romanian culture in Norway and elements of the Norwegian culture in Romania.