On May 21st we held our first cultural day at „Dante Alighieri” Theoretical High School  in Bucharest, whom we thank for the kind hosting. The day began with our theatre play „Human mistakes” and it continued with the interactive pottery workshop, and the history of minorities class.

Our special thanks goes to the  presonalities  who accepted our invitation. Thus, we felt honored to have with us the kind presence of Mr. Daniel Ionita, State Secretary at the Foreign Affairs Minister, former Ambassador of Romania in Oslo, Mr. Constantin Trăistaru, the reprezentative of the Education and Research Ministry,  Ms Ana Naghi,  general inspector of the Minorities Languages and Education General Directorate of the  Education Ministry, Master Cristian Mihailescu, coordinator of our play „Human mistakes”, Mr PhD Sabin Drăgulin, coordinator of the minorities history course of history within, Ms Maria Dan, Director of „Dante Alighieri” High School , Ms Valentina Liurca librarian teacher in Dante Alighieri High School and Mrs. Oana Barbulescu, projects coordinator in „Elie Radu” High School.

We also have to thank to our special friends:

The Comic Opera for Children;

Bucharest School Inspectorate;

„Dante Alighieri” High School
„Elie Radu” High School